Why Use Acrylic Mirror

You may think that when it comes to mirrors, glass is the only option. However there is a much better, cheaper and safer alternative. Mirrored perspex sheets are lightweight, impact-proof and pliable, giving you many more options…and saving you money at the same time.

The Advantages of Using Acrylic Mirror sheet

Acrylic sheet  are shatter-proof, resistant to clouding and easier to clean which make them longer lasting and safer. Acrylic mirror can weather impact 10 times greater then the infinitely more delicate and fragile glass counter-part. So when it comes to commercial buildings such as schools, hospitals or public bathrooms where safety is of paramount importance, laser cut acrylic is the obvious option.

Along with being flexible and shatter resistant, acrylic is incredibly lightweight. Around half the weight of glass, perspex sheets are far more affordable to deliver and install than your traditional glass variety. In fact, an entire  acrylic mirror sheet can be placed with screws or a suitable adhesive with minimal hassle.

Did we mention perspex sheets are super affordable? We may well have done but it’s worth mentioning again because for many, that is the deciding factor when it comes to choosing glass over acrylic.  It is reasonably cheap to purchase and also needs really little in terms of upkeep. The surface can be maintained tidy with a soft cloth, cozy water and also a little family cleaning agent– no severe chemicals or scourers are called for.

Apart from the benefits mentioned above, there are lots of applications where acrylic mirror has advantages over glass. Its flexibility works where curved or curved mirrors are called for. In the home, perspex sheers are ideal in children’s bedrooms, en-suite bathrooms, display cabinets, feature walls. Commercially, in dance schools, changing rooms and day-care centres.

Where to Find Perpex Sheet Supplier in Perth

No matter what your requirements when it comes to mirrors, the range, advice, service and experience from CDC Laser Cutting is second to none.

Perth’s premier laser cutting specialists, the team at CDC Laser Cutting will be more than happy to go through your specific requirements, offer advice and recommendations and will meet your specifications perfectly.

In fact, once you have enjoyed the benefits of mirrored perspex sheets, you will no longer want the cost, hassle or worry of traditional glass mirrors again. So why not give CDC Laser Cutting Perth a call and see what they can do for your home or business.