How to Take Care of Your Tape in Hair Extensions

Need some tips for how to take care of your tape in hair extensions? Hair extensions are great ways to get thicker, more voluminous hair in a short period of time. Because these hairpieces can be quite valuable, having the right hair care knowledge is essential. Investing in quality remy human hair extensions in Perth can ensure that you have dazzling hair that is a cut above the rest but effective maintenance is the key for increasing durability and longevity.

Here are some fundamentals you should know to take care of your tape in extensions.

Use the right moisturising products

Unlike your natural hair, extensions don’t have access to a direct source of nutrients. As such they can’t naturally maintain the shine or moisture that regular hair can. This means that safe and nourishing hair products are a must in order to keep the shine of your extensions and to lock in the moisture. Your shampoos and conditioners must be sulphate and alcohol-free. This is to ensure that these products won’t dry or dull your hair as they are gentle on the strands.

Don’t wash right away

Brand new tape extensions need time to settle. If you wash your extensions too soon you run the risk of ruining the stick. You should wait at least 48 hours before washing your new extensions.

Brush consistently

If you’re using your extensions for daily use then it’s important that you spend some time giving your hair a brush, usually around twice a day. Always brush gently to avoid breakages and tangling. When you are brushing tape extension that the last thing you want to do is rip out your extensions from their roots so be mindful to hold onto the roots. Additionally, avoid using wet hair extension brushes as these can cause significant damage to occur.

Dry your extensions immediately after washing

After washing your tape in hair extensions it is important that you dry them right away. Damage to the roots of your extensions can occur if they do not dry fast enough. A blow dryer can often helpful to ensure they dry faster. In these cases heat protecting spray or other such products may be necessary.

How to sleep with your extensions

If you intend to wear your extensions whilst sleeping then be sure to adequately prepare. Matting and tangling should be avoided by thoroughly brushing the strands and then wearing them in a loose ponytail.

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