Online Advertising Campaign

What Makes A Great Online Advertising Campaign?

Trying to sell your product or service online differs from all other forms of advertising, and very few people seem to realize that an online advertising campaign is completely different from all other traditional forms of advertising. Print media allows the use of attention getting graphics. Radio allows music or jingles and of course TV provides both…

Classified Ads

Tricks to ‘Add Class’ to Your Classified Ads

Classified ads are quite likely the most popular form of advertising out there. Not only are they cheap, but they can reach a huge audience in just one placement. And, most importantly, they really do the trick for your business. However, even inexpensive and well-meaning classified ads can be ineffective. It’s even detrimental to your business if it’s not…


Headlines – The Life or Death of Your Advertising

I’ll bet that headline got your attention! That is the whole point of advertising headlines. Definitely to get the attention of your reader and cause them to want to read what’s below the headline. Advertising headlines should make such an impact that the reader will be intrigued enough to read the article, advertisement or story that follows….