Do You Still Believe These 4 Skip Bin Myths?

There are many myths and misconceptions surrounding skip bin hire in Perth. Many people are reluctant to use a skip due to completely faulty reasons. Having accurate information is important, especially when dealing with such an important topic such as waste management. We are going to dispel some of the myths regarding using a skip bin for hire in Perth.

A skip bin for hire in Perth is expensive

One of the most common myths that are widely held amongst  people who haven’t used skip bins before is the idea that skip bins are more expensive than removing the rubbish on their own. This may seem intuitive but you must take into account all of the extra costs incurred. You may potentially need to hire a truck or a ute and you have to account for all the extra fuel you’ll use driving back and forth between your house and the tip. It will take up a lot of unnecessary time and effort. Using a skip bin hire in Perth is a quick, simple and cost effective solution which is better value than removing your own waste.

Waste dumped in skip bins just goes to landfills

Another misconception is the fact that any rubbish that gets disposed in a skip bin will just go straight to landfill. Conversely, most skip bin companies put a lot of time and effort into minimising the amount of waste that ends up in the tip. A good skip bin for hire in Perth, like Coastal Waste Management, will have access to recycling facilities which will ensure that as many resources as possible are extracted. So using a skip bin is actually a more environmentally responsible way to dispose of waste than many other methods due to their utilisation of waste recycling in Perth.

Never get the right skip bin size

“What size skip bin do I need?” is a stressful question that plagues those interested in hiring a bin. People often feel like you’ll never get the right bin size when ordering a bin and that you’ll always end up with one that is far too small or one that is far bigger than you need. However, many companies have a wide range of skip bin sizes and often skip bin hire prices depend on what you use, not the size you book. In any case, calling a dedicated customer service team will help give you a good idea of what size you should book.

Skip bins are difficult to fill

People worry about filling up all their space with strangely shaped items and creating a bunch of wasted space. However, there are a few simple tips which you can follow to maximise the efficiency of your packing. You’ll want to pack any wooden boards and other flat items down the bottom. Large items like furniture should be broken up into the smallest possible pieces so they don’t fill up space unnecessarily.

Skip bin hire near me

Coastal Waste is a great skip bin hire in Perth. No matter where you are in the metro area they will have bins that can be dropped right at your door. Get rid of your waste the easy way and check out their website today.