Why Skip Bins are Great When Moving House

Q: What’s the number 1 thing to do when moving home?

A: Book in a skip bin hire!

Moving home? It’s an exciting event but before you put your new house key into the lock and walk over the threshold of your new home, you have to clear out and pack up your old home and that is a challenge! When it comes to clearing out, you’re inevitably faced with the realisation that you hoarded far more than you thought and all that stuff needs to go somewhere. With such a tone of content, packing can be a messy affair and make moving unnecessarily stressful. Some of it will come with you of course, but most of it won’t but you can make everything a lot easier for yourself and simply skip the tip! With the right tricks and tools, your move doesn’t have to be as tiresome as it first appears and the first thing you’ll need to book in as a skip bin hire.

Why should I hire a skip bin when moving house?

The alternative to hiring skip bins is attempting to stuff your clutter into black bin bags and leave them kerbside hoping the bin men will take them away. You could also just leave things outside your home and hope passersby will take your unwanted belongings leaving you to worry about what you WILL take into your new home. I mean that could happen but chances are slim and ultimately you will have to get rid. A skip rubbish removal company is the easiest, hassle-free way to hiring a skip bin and will save you a tonne of time and effort in the process.

What are the main benefits of hiring a skip bin?

A skip bin is so convenient and a moving house will become a great deal less complicated when your rubbish is cleared away properly and removed responsibly and environmentally.

Skip bin hire is also cost-effective. Sure you may not initially think you need it, however . it is easy to make the pricey mistake of moving things you don’t need or even want into your brand-new house!  This occupies the tome of the moving company and room in the moving van or vehicle, which ends up being far more costly than if you just book a skip bin in the first place.

There are many items you can skip in the tip. The majority of rubbish that houses create can easily fit into a skip bin hire. The kinds of waste a routine skip bin can handle consist of:

  • General waste
  • House waste
  • Unwanted household furnishings
  • Garden waste including wood

When should I book the skip bin hire?

You need to be organising your things at least eight weeks before your relocating day. Deciding whether you’ll have room for storage, what you would love to sell, contribute, or throw. Keeping to a checklist can help in reducing the stress. 4 weeks before the step is the moment to hire a skip bin. You can toss everything you’ve noted rubbish in. When you are ready, you can arrange for pick-up.

Who should I contact to book my skip bin?

When booking your skip bin for hire you need a skip bin hire Perth company that is experienced, knowledgeable, reliable and cost-effective. WA Skip are all of the above and more. We are WA owned and operated and our friendly team will go through all your queries and advise you on what, when and how to book your skip bin. We provide quality service and will deliver at a time to suit you and take away the skip bin and dispose of the waste ethically. Superior customer service skills, skip bins of various types and sizes to suit your needs perfectly and easy booking system will all help to make your clear out a lot easier!