Why SEO Important for your Business

SEO. This is a word that is used in marketing and business all the time with plenty of Perth SEO expert and plenty of people knowing they need SEO but not really knowing why.  When it comes to marketing, the whole purpose is to grow a company’s brand presence, increase leads and create sales for business growth.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. When you want to find something, go somewhere etc the first place you look into is Google or other search engine. The top placement is where you click into and very rarely do you scroll onto page two. So to have your company on position one on the search engine rankings is vital if you want to gain as much exposure as possible and get as many leads as possible.

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Where to find SEO expert in Perth?

Fortunately for you, here at SOMS we are SEO expert Perth and focus on getting your business at the very top each and every time with proven strategies for success.

Is this something you could do yourself?

Well there is a reason there are so many Perth SEO expert, and this is because it takes a great deal of knowledge, understanding, time and experience to know what works and what doesn’t. Google are constantly changing their algorithms so just when you think you have the winning formula, Google make a change and throws everything out of whack. As a web marketing expert in Perth, we have helped small, medium and large companies build a strong SEO presence that ultimately boosts their bottom line.

The benefit of implementing SEO

So what do you need to know? Here are the top 3 benefits of implementing SEO and why you need a viable, results-driven, long-term SEO strategy this 2019.

# 1 SEO is actually a very cost effective form of promotion compared with cost-per-click and social media advertising for example.

In fact if done correctly, and again this is where companies that specialise in online marketing Perth, come into their own, you can get a lot of organic traffic before you even break into your advertising budget.

# 2 Statistics show that nearly 90% of customers go online for recommendations and reviews before making a purchase.

More now than ever before is it vital for you to have a strong SEO strategy in place. Additionally with more people now moving away from desktops to mobile devices, it is necessary for your website to be mobile optimised to cash in on this trend and stay one step ahead of your competitors.

# 3It is not a set and forget process! SEO is not something you can do once, get to the top of search engines and then stop.

The second you do that, your nearest competitor has won over your customers.

To  ensure your online presence is working hard and constantly bringing in traffic that converts, we continually create SEO driven, value-added content which ranks favourably with Google and other popular platforms and will see you outrank and out perform your competitors.

As Perth SEO expert, we are on hand to offer you advice and guidance on the importance of SEO for your business and work with you to ensure your business strives, no matter what size or industry it is in and regardless of the economic climate.