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When it comes to scrap metal recycling, there are many options to choose from, but by far the best one I have experienced is Dream Lucky Scrap Metal Perth. They take their responsibility for the environment very seriously. So when it came to discarding my unused and unloved items, I turned to them for the right advice, simple booking in procedure and service times to suit my hectic lifestyle. All I did was type in metal recycling near me and chose Lucky Scrap Metal to deliver exactly what I needed, when I needed it and as a bonus, the price they offered was great!


When I was searching for metal recycling near me, Dream Lucky Scrap Metal Perth stood out. From car removals, demolition clean up, construction rubbish removal, and cash for cars, they can do it all. When I was moving home and decided to get rid of all the clutter I had hoarded, I was surprised at just how much scrap metal I had unused lying around my home. The old laptop, old mobile phones, unwanted BBQ and my ancient car that was no longer roadworthy. Like me, many people store these items in their garage, garden or loft simply because they do not know where and how to dispose of it and that is where Lucky Scrap Metal Perth come in. They have a range of skip bins and scrap metal hook bins for all your needs. They also deliver and pick up at times to suit you and their massive Bayswater yard has easy access to large trucks with 40FT containers for commercial, residential or industrial recycling needs.

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What I like most is their desire to help the environment.  They buy scrap metal in Perth for recycling and re-use, reducing the overloaded landfill sites. Re-cycling scrap metal reduces energy output, adds money and jobs to the economy and is step toward a greener planet. Items they can recycle include copper, aluminium steel and brass. They also buy car parts including car batteries, alternators, starters, catalytic convertors, alloy wheels and old cars. Other items include E-scrap such as mobile phones, Computers, circuit boards, processor & memory chips


When it comes to pricing, they have the best scrap metal price Perth because their aim is to make it as easy and affordable for us to dispose of your unwanted items and care for the environment. Their experienced buyers are ready to provide competitive pricing for all of your metal recycling needs so not only do you get the satisfaction of helping the environment, you also get some extra cash for your efforts!

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NOTE: Conditions apply. These price a subject to change at any time without notice and are only to be used as a guide.

Search online for metal recycling near me and you will see why they are number one in Perth. Australian owned and operated, they have decades of industry experience and a team of professional, friendly staff who are always on hand to offer help and advice.