Recreational skippers ticket

Why you should have the recreational skippers ticket to sail in Perth?

If you are a boat owner and would like to sail on Perth’s water, the first thing that came into your mind is to go sailing and explore the vast water then later do a little bit fun fishing activity, because why wouldn’t we? However, certain rules and regulations, especially in Perth, stated that to operate a boat and sail it on Perth’s water you need to have a registered recreational skippers ticket which can be obtained via a series of test. Read more to find out step by step to acquire it in Perth.

What is a recreational skipper ticket?

To put it simply, a recreational skipper ticket is a driving licence for a boat owner to drive its boat on the sea surrounding Perth, Western Australia. However, generally speaking, the skipper ticket mostly considered as a certificate of competency rather than a licence. Nevertheless, it is mandatory to have it via a series of test which officially regulated in April 2008. 

How old do you have to be to get your skippers ticket in WA?

According to the regulation set by the Australia Department of Transport, anyone who owns about eligible to have the skippers ticket in WA. However, the minimum age requirement for them to take the skippers test or drive a boat is 14 years old. Additionally, if you are under 16 years old and already finished the test and own the licence, you can only sail during daylight hours at a speed less than 8 knots.

Where can I get a skipper’s licence in Perth?

The Australia Department of Transport has stated that you can get the skipper’s ticket from a registered boating course in your local area. Therefore, you can start typing on Google search for a “skippers ticket course near me”, then you’ll find a list of it. For the best recommendation, please check out Sea Safe Boat School.

How many skippers ticket test do I need to take?

In general, there are only two tests that you have to take in order to obtain the recreational skippers’ ticket:

  1. Theory
  2. Practical

Which have been designed to test your skills and knowledge of boating safety regulations on Perth’s water. For the theory test, you will be given 40 multiple-choice questions related to the rules and regulations of sailing in Perth which you should answer correctly 34 out of 40. Studying the workbook which can be received from your local boating school will be a big help.

For the practical test, which often said as the fun-time test, your overall boating skills and knowledge will be on-hand tested driving an actual boat on the sea. There are 62 small elements that are assessed over 11 individual boating tasks. In order to pass the test, 56 elements must be deemed competent by your trainer. 

How much does the skippers ‘ course cost?

The cost to have skippers’ licence course may vary depends on each course provider. Normally, it will be starting from $228 per person all-inclusive. We recommend you take this course before doing the actual test because of the chance that you will pass the test will be higher. 


Whether you want to sail for a fun time with family or want to explore Perth’s sea, having a recreational skipper ticket will give you peace of mind because you are following the government regulation and showcasing a great practice of boat handling. Thank you for reading and feel free to share this article with your friends and colleagues if you find it useful, cheers.