Preservatives In Wine

When you are sniffing and sipping a fine glass of wine you might enjoy some oaky flavours, a rich vanilla undertone, perhaps some red berry aroma… but what about preservatives?

Most people don’t realize that hiding within their favourite Merlot, Sauvignon Blanc or Pinot Noir is a surprising amount of preservatives. SO2 stands for sulphur dioxide. It is a preservative that is widely used in winemaking. It has antibacterial properties, which is why it is used to keep the wine fresh.

These types of preservatives are often referred to as “sulphites” which is another name for sulphur dioxide. Many winemakers add them to their wines in order to make them last longer and to kill any yeast that could potentially ruin the taste of the wine.

Do You Have a Reaction to Sulphites?

Many people find that they have negative reactions to sulphur. Some may be allergic to it without even realizing it. In fact, on the Health Canada website they are listed as one of the top ten allergens.

Some of the common reactions to sulphites in wine include headaches, flushing of the face, nausea and IBS. Sometimes others will also experience shortness of breath, stuffiness and wheezing.

Preservative 220 Side Effects

These preservative 220 side effects and symptoms can show up the next day, but they can sometimes show up around 15 minutes after drinking the wine.

Many people don’t realize that the sulphites are causing this, as they simply attribute the terrible way they are feeling to a hangover. Sulphites seem to have the most risk of a reaction in people who have asthma. The wines that are younger and sweeter tend to have the highest levels of SO2.

So How Can Sulphites Be Removed?

SO2GO is a totally safe natural product that will reduce the preservative in your wine, as well as in beer, cider and champagne. It does this naturally and it does not affect the flavour of the wine. When you use SO2GO wine drops to remove the preservatives in your wine, you will reduce the side effects such as stuffy nose, hangover, headaches, hives, flushed skin and much more. Essentially, with a few wine drops you can create preservative free wine.

Enjoy Preservative Free Wine

If you are allergic to the sulphites in wine, these wine drops enable you to enjoy this delicious drink while avoiding the unpleasant side effects. This means that whether you are sipping Cabernet Sauvignon at a winery in Kelowna or quaffing champagne at a cocktail bar in downtown Toronto, you can avoid the headache, flushed skin and other annoying preservative 220 side effects.