How to Do Laser Cutting and Engraving for Acrylics Perth

There are so many tutorials online on how to cut acrylic or Perspex Sheets Perth. It may seem easy to do it yourself using standard workshop tools like handsaws and power saws. However, the results may be totally different from what the experts are doing. Acrylic or Perspex can be used in many ways because of its strength, resistance to UV, clarity, and easy to work with.

CDC Laser provides professional Perspex sheet cutting service in Perth and fabricates Perspex based on your requirements. CDC Laser cutting Perth have many years of experience doing laser cutting Perth and laser engraving in Perth, with 100% safe practice standards, and customer’s satisfaction.

At CDC Laser, we supply the best-suited materials for laser engraving, to ensure your sign will last the distance of your long-standing business.

CDC Laser is your one-stop shop when it comes to purchasing:

  • Acrylic Sheets
  • Aluminum composite panels
  • Polycarbonate
  • Plexiglass
  • ABS
  • Polypropylene
  • Mirror acrylic
  • Stencils – business and craft
  • Road marking stencils
  • Cutting service
  • Design and artwork service

What Acrylic signs Perth can do for you

Acrylic cutting tools: If you want to cut it on your own, we will provide you with a cutting tool and a metal ruler. CDC Laser custom design cutting provides you with a bending service for plastic and acrylic. We can bend Perspex Perth up to 1 meter in length and cut holes for drilling it to other materials.

Acrylic logos and letters cut to size: our acrylic letters are UV stable, don’t rust, affordable, and easy to install.

Boat windows cut to size: if your boat’s window needs a replacement, we can measure it for you so that you won’t have a problem fixing it yourself.

Aluminum composite panels cut to size: besides our acrylic sheet sales, we also supply a complete range of aluminum composite panels. They can be used in outdoor kitchens, wet areas, and perfect for splashbacks in hobby kitchens.

Wall display mounting products: we can cut and drill holes in your acrylic sheets Perth so that you can display them on your walls. Our standoffs come in a variety of colors from satin finish silver, gold, black, bronze and more.

Affordable Acrylic Perspex Perth Cutting Service and Quotes

When you buy our Perspex sheets Perth, you’ll have the benefit of getting our professional cutting service at an affordable cost. Do you want to know more about your DIY projects and why you need Perspex sheets? Just give us a call! We will give you the best advice and deliver your order to your door, so you can do your DIY project immediately.