Important Things to Consider When Hiring an SEO Expert

Perth SEO Experts

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a great tool that can really help drive traffic to your website. However not all Perth SEO experts are created equal. It’s important to be discerning when it comes to selecting someone your going to be working with because the quality of the SEO in Perth can be the difference between good returns and continual frustration.

Some of the things you need to know before hiring an SEO company in Perth

Find testimonials and case studies

Anyone can write some waffle claiming to be reputable Perth SEO experts. However, it is important you don’t just take them at their word. You should investigate the background of the agency and perhaps even ask for previous work examples and proof of a sustained traffic increase.

Screen for black hat practices

If you hire an agency that heavily relies on black hat practices in order to rank higher then you’ll find that after the appearance of initial success you’ll find that your website will be routinely punished and potentially be removed from the results entirely. Therefore, it’s always safer to use an agency that uses white hat techniques and will detail thoroughly what will be done to your website.

Understand that it takes time

It takes time for search engines to reward SEO techniques so if you’re looking for a quick fix you may be disappointed. SEO is an investment with big payoffs for doing it right over the long term. Companies that tell you that you can get big results in just a number of days should be a red flag as these statements are aimed at luring uninformed business owners.

Understand that it takes money

Remember what we said about SEO being an investment? Unfortunately, this means you should be prepared to pay. Low prices, like fast results, are usually just a tactic to lure you in but are usually indicative of the level of service you will receive. Without adequate time spent on SEO you will fail to see adequate results and you’ll get a negligible return in comparison.

Make sure they have the right priorities

Any agency that is focused on anything other than return on investment isn’t worth your time. Many agencies will focus excessively on keyword rankings, prioritising high rankings over increasing your revenue and giving you a solid return. Similarly, some might be obsessed with adding links instead of optimising. Perth SEO experts like this demonstrate that they are disconnected form the goals of the business owner and should be avoided.

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