Hiring Skip Bin during Covid-19 Situation

Hiring a Skip Bin During Covid-19 Situation

Is hiring a skip bin available during the Covid-19 situation? This is the kind of question that often asked by our customers. Yes, absolutely, you can hire a skip bin from any reputable skip bin provider company that has registered by the authorities on following the Covid-19 safety protocols for all of their services. 

During this situation where everyone is kind of restricted to do their usual activities, going to the local tip to deliver your daily waste would be a bit of hassle. That’s why hiring a skip bin will give more convenient because the waste that collected in the bins will be delivered by the team from the skip bin provider. By doing so, not only it will be safer for you but also you are adhering to the government Covid-19 safety protocols.

How to hire a skip bin during Covid-19 Situation?

Certain rules changed due to the Covid-19 safety protocols, therefore, we advise you to follow any new regulations from the government and the skip bin provider. The online booking system is the best way to hire a skip bin now, you can make use of their online booking system on their website which will save you more time.

Things that you should know before hiring a skip bin during the Covid-19 situation.

1. Hire from a reputable skip bin hire provider

This is mandatory because there are plenty skip bin hire provider in Perth, WA that offering their services that self-proclaimed as the cheapest or the best. The one you should check is their reputation on how they managing to cope with the government set of Covid-19 protocols. You can check the reviews from previous customers on Google search or visit their website to read their latest commitment regarding this. Our recommendation would be Jims Skip Bins who have been known providing the best of services for the citizens of Perth for years.

2. Cashless payment

One of the main points in the Covid-19 safety protocols is to avoid direct contact to anyone on all of our daily activities. Therefore, cashless payment is your number one choice of the payment system. Most reputable skip bin hire providers has been promoting this payment method since before the pandemic so you just need to get used to it.

3. Avoid direct contact with the team

Normally, we would greet the team that delivers the skip bins to our house but during this pandemic, it’s best to avoid doing it. By doing so you are upholding the safety of yourself and the skip bin provider team. Trust them to do their job right, they are professional works based on what’s written on the contract, if you mentioned putting the bins on the backyard or in front of the house they will follow it.

4. Always wear a mask and use hand sanitizer

This goes without saying because these two activities have been part of our daily routine now especially when you are collecting the rubbish and put it inside the skip bins, dust and other unseen things could be flying around, wearing a mask would be a great help to avoid any unwanted incident. Then, after finishing the rubbish collection, wash your hands with water and clean it with hand sanitizer for double protection.


Like it or not, Covid-19 will be here for a while, it’s up to us to adapt on the current condition with certain rules and regulations. With safety always be mandatory, hiring a skip bin during Covid-19 situation is absolutely possible.