Gyprock Plasterboard

Gyprock Plasterboard And The Advantages Of Using It

Why should you use plasterboard? Sure, it’s the most common material used in ceilings and walls by far but is that enough to convince you to use gyprock plasterboard? There are many advantages to using gyprock for your home and we’ll outline some of them below.

Gyprock Plasterboard

What Is Gyprock?

Haven’t heard the term Gyprock? The material known as gyprock has many other names some of which include drywall, plasterboard, gypsum board and sheetrock. Gyprock is actually just a brand of plasterboard but due to their role as an industry leader and highly dependable brand their name has become synonymous with plasterboard throughout Australia.

How Is It Made?

Plasterboard is generally made from gypsum plaster wedged between two sheets of thick paper (called a backer and facer). This provides a smoother finish which makes it easier for painting and  further plastering as well as allowing for much simpler installation.

The advantages of using gyprock plasterboard in construction

There are plenty of reasons that you should use gyprock plasterboard in construction including:

Simple installation

As plasterboard is lightweight and easy to handle, the installation process is much easier and cleaner when using gyprock.

Safer installation

Plasterboard is also much safer to handle than other materials which sharply reduces the risk of injury for the installers.

Well priced

Plasterboard is both a high quality and affordable product and is easily the best choice if your budget is a little tight.

Lower environmental impact

Plasterboard can be made from up to 45% recycled materials and those that aren’t are still made from sustainable resources. Using plasterboard is free of any hazardous chemicals so your providing a safe wall and ceiling solution.

Fire resistant

Plasterboard are fire resistant and can help keep the temperature down and slow down the spread  in the event of a fire

Easily repaired

Repairing plasterboard is quite easy compared to other materials, with no complicated tools required. Due to its adaptability, transferral for renovations or other changes in layout are far easier to complete

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