The Greedy Bins Guide On How To Choose The Right Skip Bin Size

As Perth’s premier Skip Bin Hire company, we pride ourselves on not only delivering and removing waste, but providing quality service and the right advice. Skip bin hire isn’t difficult, however there are several things you want to make sure you get right and skip bin size is one of them. In fact it is one of the questions the team here at Greedy Bins gets asked a lot.

“What skip bin size do I need?” Well in this guide, we’ll help feature all the different bin hire sizes and break down all you need to know to help you choose the right size skip for your waste removal needs!

The first thing to do is make a list of all the items you will be throwing away. That will really help give you a more accurate estimate of the skip bin size you’ll need. Also when choosing a bin, go one size bigger just in case. This is because once a clean-up has started, you’ll realise you have more to throw out than you first thought and those extra cubic meters will really come in handy! Plus It’s better to pay a bit more for a slightly larger bin than pay to hire another skip bin because you’ve underestimated the size you need.

skip bin size

So once you’ve made your list and decided you’ll go one size bigger (just in case) you’ll need to order your skip bin. Below are some of the main reasons for hiring a skip bin and the size we recommend for the job:


Spring cleaning? De-cluttering? The best size? Greedy Bins recommends mini skip bin of 4 cubic meters


Disposing your vanity cabinet, shower screen, floor and wall, tiles, basin, toilet, shower and bath and don’t forget the packaging that all your new materials came in. Greedy Bins recommends mini skip bin of 4 cubic meters


Disposing cabinets, bench tops, stoves, what goods, floor and wall tiles and and dishwasher, floor the packaging that your new materials came in. Greedy Bins recommends 4-6 cubic meters


If you are moving house and disposing of old furniture, white goods, toys, bikes, exercise equipment and general household junk Greedy Bins recommends 6-12.5 cubic meters


Paving, wood, tiles, cabinets, white goods, bath and shower equipment and bear in mind there will always more waste than anticipated, so bigger is always better. Greedy Bins recommends 7.5 0 9 cubic meters


Branches and lawn, plant pots and garden furniture don’t really compact well so for this reason a bigger skip is always recommended. Greedy Bins recommends 6 – 7.5 cubic meters


If you are overseeing a large renovation or building a new extension there is a lot of foundation work before you even get started with the actual renovation. Greedy Bins recommends 9 – 12.5 cubic meters


When relocating or even emigrating you have the perfect excuse to remove and clear out all your unwanted household items. Greedy Bins recommends 12.5 cubic meters.  Sometimes you may need 1 large bin and then a second smaller bin for any remaining bits and pieces.

REMOVING LAWN OR SOIL PROJECTS (These bins are ordered specifically for sand/soil bins and cannot include any other materials)

To help you estimate how much you will need, simply multiply the length * width * depth of the area to be removed and multiply by 1.3 to allow for packing inefficiency. If you are cutting away an area of lawn, estimate the average depth of cut and allow for sand/soil going in the bin with it. Use your best guess as to the dimensions of the skip bin hire and choose next size up just to be safe.Greedy Bins recommends 12.5 cubic meters.

As always, Greedy Bins offers friendly, useful and knowledgeable advice based on years of experience in the industry. So for any questions or queries, when it comes to skip bin hire in Perth, we’re here to help.