Where Should You Go For All Your Sand Supply Needs?

Sand isn’t just sand. There are all different types of sand for all different requirements. With no shortage of landscaping and building projects in the residential and commercial sector, specific industries will look for a one stop sand supplies Perth shop to purchase sand to meet their needs. From Brickies sand Perth and white sand Perth to paving, grass, white washed, river, fill and building sand, you need a company that offers expert help and advice as well as stocking and supplying high quality sand at reasonable prices for residential, industrial and commercial needs.

We have outlined a quick guide that goes through the main types of sand and their uses along with who we recommend you contact to purchase your sand supplies Perth.

Brickies sand

Brickies sand is basically the ideal sand used for combining with concrete for high quality brickwork, concrete and grounds. This yellow home builders’ sand can likewise be utilised as a base under paving.

Paving and also garden sand

If you are seeking a multi-purpose sand, look no more. This yellow sand is highly popular because of it’s versatility. It is absolutely ideal for all your paving jobs which require a strong and steady base layer. This sand is also perfect in the garden for dressing your lawn.

White sand Perth

Needing sand for a kids playground? This is the sand for children’s play areas and is also great for sweeping between paving. When this sand is completely dry, it’s extremely soft and clear of impurities.

Plasterers sand

Building sand Perth is chosen for all types of rendering work. The reason for its popularity is because it is a lot softer than the traditional brickies sand. This makes it more versatile and  means you can additionally utilise it for your garden lawns.

River sand

River sand is a sharp sand perfect for locations that need to have adequte drainage. Great in equine arenas, stables and bird aviaries

Fill sand

Fill sand is a unscreened sand that comes directly from the pit. Suitable for back loading or as a base for your garden bedding

So where can you go to get all your sand supplies Perth?

We recommend Premium Allsands. Located in Waroona, south of Perth, Premium Allsands is a leader in sand supplies Perth, stocking high quality sand products. From lawn and fill sand, paving sand to plaster’s sand and white sand Perth, Premium Allsands has all your building, landscaping and gardening projects covered. Their broad range of sand supplies are tested to meet the standards for the building industry and are of the highest quality and available in quantities ideal for both large and small projects.

Premium Allsands products are regularly tested for quality and contaminants. All tests are made available online for download providing customers with added comfort that their sand supplies are the very best available

A family-run business, Premium Allsands prides itself on its reliability and customer service, guaranteeing next day delivery across the Perth metropolitan area.