Things You Might Forgotten When Opening Bar or Restaurant

When you’re setting up a dining establishment or a bar, there are a great deal of points to think about, from putting together your menu, obtaining your alcohol licence, employing your back and front end staff, sourcing the best ingredients and building relationships with your suppliers.  However, in trying to ensure you get all the obvious things finalised before the grand opening, there are hidden factors that are equally important and that can really blow you off course if you’re not prepared. Lucky for you, as experts in waste management Perth, we’ve highlighted the 3 main points below to ensure you have a problem-free launch:

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Have You Booked Your Waste Management Perth

A hectic bar or dining establishment produces a tonne of garbage and throwing int all into your a council bin isn’t going to work. You will definitely need to consider a company that specialises in skip bin hire Perth so you can help you choose the right sized skip bin, the type of skip bin you will need and organise timely collection of your waste. A great waste management Perth supplier like WA Skips have all the know-how, advice, experience and handy hints to help you.

Do You Have a Grease Trap for Your Sink?

An oil catch is developed to catch any kind of greases and solids prior to them being sucked into the wastewater disposal system. Without grease traps, the large quantities of oil from cooking areas can trigger obstructions in drainpipe pipes causing possible work outages and also sever penalties for you.

It is essential to have an dual oil catch or one that is at least the size of your sink. You will also  need to arrange for a routine grease catch cleaning service and for that, look no further than the experts at WA Skips waste management Perth. We will send out a liquid waste disposal unit to remove the grease from the trap and transport it safely to a qualified disposal centre.

Do Your Personnel Have the Proper Training

In Australia, all workers who manage food are legally called for to be trained in food security. This means knowing what to dispose of, when to dispose of it and how to dispose of it. There are strict rules and regulations governing this and your restaurant could be at risk if your staff are not familiar with them. We provide mini skip bin hire Perth to cater for all your waste disposal needs. Different items need to be disposed of in different types of containers and we can help you get set up and offer advice to your staff so you can get on with running your restaurant.

If you’d like more information concerning waste management, Perth, here at WA Skips, our friendly team are on hand to assist in any way we can. We have built up a strong reputation in working with local businesses of all types and our experience and knowledge means you get the best advice and the most competitive prices.