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Customer Segmentation: To Sell to a Woman, You Must Understand the Woman

The hand that rocks the cradle is the hand that rules the world. Truer words have never been spoken, especially when we consider the progress that women have made in society. Their hands no longer stick to rocking the cradle, but they still rule the world. If you are to succeed in marketing a product or service, you must remember that women control 85% of all purchases. Marketers need to consider that there are certain innate differences between men and women a.k.a customer segmentation.

Keep these customer segmentation ideas in mind when targeting women in your marketing strategies

Women spend a higher percentage of time thinking about others, whether it be their children or their boyfriend. They will agonize over the perfect gift. Women buy toys and school clothes for the kids. Where men do their Christmas shopping on Christmas Eve, Women may start as early as September.

Why do women go to all this trouble? Because they love to buy the right thing. Let them know that you have the right thing!

Because women are doing the buying, for themselves as well as others, you have to figure out what woman want.

One thing to consider regarding customer segmentation is that women will usually purchase the more attractive product if the quality is as high as a competitor’s product. Women have a keen design sense and often value form as much as function.

A woman’s work day does not start at nine and end at five. Many women finish the traditional work day with family, shopping and household responsibilities still ahead of them. In women’s complicated lives, they are often too busy to respond to products that are overly complicated, or advertising that requires too much time and attention. In short, simplify, simplify, simplify.

Be realistic in your advertising. Women are too smart to fall for advertising that features a mother of three who looks like a supermodel. They are too smart to watch teenage girls with porcelain smooth skin complain about how bad their acne is. Don’t try to fool them. They are onto you.

Ask A Woman

If all else fails, ask a woman! And if you want to know how to make your product more visually appealing, ask a woman. If you want to know if your customer segmentation advertising makes offensive generalizations, ask a woman. Contrary to popular belief, women do know what they want. If you want to know too, ask them.