CNC Router Melbourne

If you are in the Sign-making, Graphics & Publishing, Cabinets, Woodworking, Plastic Manufacturer, Metal Construction, Boat Building, Prop Making, Packaging or other industry, you will benefit from the convenience, speed and precision of these Tekcel CNC machining Melbourne. Their cutting edge CNC Melbourne routers are suitable for all jobs no matter how big or small.

Designed and constructed in Australia, they are can be perfectly customised to meet the exacting needs of your business and budget. Plus you can select additional time-saving features including automated tool altering and multi-bore drill banks.

Tekcel CNC cutting Melbourne machines can even pack sheet material and unload the processed parts off the bed immediately, meaning accurate parts without excess waste and labour resulting in increased profits.

Their CNC machine for sale in Melbourne comes at a great price and Tekcel source the most extensive range of CNC transmission tooling suitable for all your CNC cutting requirements.

Each bespoke CNC router is built to exacting standards and these top of the range routers are compatible with all standard CAD/CAM software programs.

CNC Machining Melbourne

Image by: Tekcel CNC Router

What is CNC Machining?

CNC stands for Computer numerical control and this technology has been integrated into a variety of different machines. CNC Routers have become increasingly popular throughout multiple industries for its ability to quickly and precisely cut materials like steel, wood, aluminium, composites, plastic, and foam. These CNC machining Melbourne routers reduce waste and increase productivity, producing items in a fraction of the time as traditional cutting methods.

There are three different types of CNC router:

  • P2 machine

Is the most compact of the Tekcel range. Its size may be small but its capacity to Cut-Out-The-Work is extraordinary.

  • Tekcel Enduro

Is a heavy duty production machine, delivering power, precision and performance at the touch of a screen.

  • Tekcel M Series Nesting Machine

Is fully automated with material load and unload, taking your production to the next level.

What Companies use CNC

Tekcel solely manufacture their own CNC router Melbourne and can therefore perfectly customise the CNC machining Melbourne product for any industry that requires precision and speedy manufacturing. This includes graphic and sign makers, printers, packaging companies, cabinet makers, the woodworking Industry and architectural industries and even floor designers!

They have the capability to produce any component, to the highest standards and precision at the most competitive price.

Their standard table sizes will range from 2500mm x 1540mm to 4100mm x 2058mm, but they offer customisable CNC routing services Melbourne to perfectly suit your needs.

What is the best CNC router for your business?

The CNC Melbourne team is the best in the business and have a great deal of technical experience. They will happily guide you through each step to ensure you choose the right cutting router for your business needs and budget. Plus they will demonstrate all CNC tooling and equipment and  provide comprehensive instructions with every machine so you can start benefiting right away.

Why Tekcel CNC Router

Tekcel CNC Router produces top CNC machining Melbourne and they will help you shape and create in the easiest, most efficient and productive way possible.

With a bespoke CNC Melbourne router, there are limitless opportunities for your business!  In fact so confident are they that you will love your CNC routing machine, they will even let you test drive it for yourself!

So if you’re looking for a CNC machine for sale Melbourne, contact Tekcel and their CNC machining Melbourne team will be happy to arrange a local demonstration or working site visit with a Tekcel distributor near you.