ceiling repair and your homeowners insurance policy cover

Ceiling Repair and Your Homeowners Insurance Policy

Does a homeowners’ insurance policy cover ceiling water damage or plaster ceiling repair? Yes, in fact, they are one of the most common types of insurance claims. The first thing you’ll need to do is give your Perth insurance agent a call and get your claim started. Usually, your policy will cover the ceiling repair, but the underlying cause is not always covered.

Types of Ceiling Damage

Plenty of water damage insurance claims involve ceiling repairs. The ceiling damage can be as small as a water-stained ceiling caused by a small leak, or as large as a totally collapsed ceiling caused by a burst pipe or another major source of water. Not all ceiling damage is the result of water. Sometimes it is malicious, other times it can be accidental, such as a person putting their foot through the ceiling from an attic. Regardless of how your ceiling is damaged, we can repair it for you.

Kitchen Ceiling Water Damage

ceiling repair and your homeowners insurance policy

One of the most common claims is for water-damaged kitchen ceilings. When repairs begin, sometimes part or all of the kitchen cabinets have to be removed, making it easier to replace the damaged area and achieve a quality plaster ceiling repair.

Ceiling Water Damage Between Floors

Ceiling water damage between floors in a house or flat can be the result of a burst pipe, a burst boiler, a leaking washing machine, a leaking dishwasher, or many other causes. Burst pipes and major leaks between floors can result in thousands of dollars in damage. The source of the leak must first be located and fixed before repairs begin.

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Damage to the Joists and Insulation

When a leak goes undetected for a long time, not only will you need a plaster ceiling repair, but you might also need the insulation replaced and the joists to be dried and treated before the new plasterboard is fitted. If the joists have become completely saturated, they can become weakened, and the damaged sections will have to be replaced.

Extractor Fans and Lighting Damage

Water can track into extractor fans and the fittings for your lighting, which can cause electrical faults. If your electrical fittings are damaged from water, an electrician will test and repair them before the ceiling repairs begin.

Repair Costs

The cost of a ceiling repair will depend on the amount of damage. Our professional ceiling fixers can help you. Give us a call at Perth Ceiling and Walls. Let our team of professionals help you with your plaster ceiling repair for your Perth area home.