car recycling is good for the environment

Car Recycling is Good for the Environment

When you have a car that does not run anymore or you just do not want it anymore, it is time to contact a car wreckers. Leaving the car on your property to rust and decay means that there will eventually be contamination to the environment. You can help protect the environment by contacting professional providers of cash for car in Perth and letting us dispose of it safely.

Components That Can Pollute the Environment

A car has many components and some of them contain fluids or metals that could be detrimental to the environment. Your battery, for instance, contains lead and acid, your transmission contains hydraulic fluid, and your engine contains anti-freeze and oil. Over time, these fluids will leak out of their containers and contaminate the environment. Calling a junk car removal company will help protect the soil, water, and air from harm.

Many Components Can Be Recycled

Auto recyclers will typically recycle certain types of vehicles, such as SUVs. Many of the car’s components can be recycled. In some cases, no repair to those parts will be needed. Other components will be rebuilt to provide an even better quality replacement part.

As much as 80 percent of a car can be recycled, sometimes even more. This includes the metal, the fluids, many of the parts, and even the tyres. Some car removal companies in Perth are recycling the glass, too. At the present time, cars are one of the most recycled consumer products in the world.

Save Energy, Too

Another benefit of getting junk car removal services to recycle your car is that it saves energy. Instead of having to make all new parts, many of them can be made from used parts. This saves on the cost of melting metal for new parts, the cost of coal, fuel, or other forms of energy used in the process. It also helps prevent pollution from burning these fossil fuels.

Get Rid of Unsightly Junk Cars

Everyone knows that old junk cars sitting next to your home produce a sight that no neighbour wants to see. Car Removal Perth can pick it up for you and dispose of it properly.

Although many car recycling plants focus on a limited number of models, we pick up and recycle any car or vehicle. It does not even need to be running. Contact us today for junk car removal. We will pay you for your car, van, truck, or ute, and give you the best deal in the Perth area. For more information and a quote call us on 0423 570 355.