What Are the Benefits Of Using Polycarbonate Sheets?

Are you still using glass in your buildings? Glass may be great but there are many reasons why you should use a lighter, more durable and more pliable material. The demand for polycarbonate means that getting a polycarbonate sheet in Perth is better value than it has ever been. If you’re not sure why you should use this amazing material read on because there are a multitude of reasons why polycarbonate is the best material for your project.


Polycarbonate Sheets

Polycarbonate is a thermoplastic which, due to its numerous benefits, has effectively replaced materials like glass and acrylic in a whole host of uses. It is both significantly lighter and more durable that glass so it does not break or crack to nearly the same extent. This is why constructional work is a primary use for polycarbonates.

Previously, only commercial structures would use this material as it was quite expensive to purchase. This meant that you could only see polycarbonate roofing in offices, lounges and restaurants. However, as people became more aware of the benefits of polycarbonate, the demand increased and prices sharply lowered. These days, residential use is increasingly common. It is often used in a wide range of applications from doors and windows to showers and swimming pools. You can also see it in all sorts of places including greenhouses, train stations and sport stadiums.

Additional Benefits of Polycarbonate

Easy to construct – The lightweight and durable nature of polycarbonate makes it a very simple material to install. Handling, fixing and welding are all simple processes. They are a pliable material so sheets only need simple tools to be cut  like circular saws or sharp-edged scissors. All this facilitates a real ease of construction.

Low cost- A simplified installation process doesn’t just mean saved time. It also drives down all the costs associated with labour and transportation. This makes for a low cost, affordable process after completing your purchase.

Versatile – As a very versatile and pliable material, a polycarbonate sheet can be used to create more creative designs like domes or igloos.

Damage resistant- Polycarbonate is perfect for areas prone to hail as it is greatly impact resistant. Similarly, it is highly flame resistant and does not release any noxious gases so it is an excellent choice in a fire-prone area.

Soundproof- It has the great ability to block sound which makes it a great choice when soundproofing is required

UV protected – One of the best things about polycarbonate is that it lets in sunlight without letting in the harmful UV rays. This property is particularly useful in greenhouses so that the plants can grow without the risk of burning.

Polycarbonate sheeting price

CDC is a major distributor of polycarbonate. Pricing will depend on thickness and whether you want your material custom cut or just as a sheet. Find out what they can do for you by checking out their website or giving them a call on (08) 9409 3834.