5 Uses for CNC Routers

Computer numerical control otherwise known as a CNC routing machine are computer-controlled machines able to run a variety of customised programs to cut, carve, and piece with absolute laser-like accuracy. They’re able to generate premium results at affordable prices. Many manufacturers choose to integrate the CNC router Perth into their existing production lines and below are several other regular and most popular uses for the CNC routing machine.

Cabinet Parts

The CNC routing machine is the best option for crushing everything from closet doors to indoor racks and boxes. These are (frequently easy) parts that are needed en masse– and while there are a boundless number of possible styles, every one must be uniform. Computer system assistance makes the perfect cut every time.


Signs can be rather complex, and also extremely variable in the depth and angle called for of each cut. However CNC routers, with simultaneous 3-axis activity, are flawlessly fit to carve out innovative motifs from bronze, aluminium, wood, plastic and also foam.


Generally, woodworking has always been considered as a hands-on pursuit that eschews machine assistance. But today, even the master craftsmen are starting to  understand and welcome the many possibilities and the uniformity that is offered by a CNC router Perth machine. Everything from tiny delicate playthings as well and  intricate designs and lettering and more, can be carried out quickly, simply and to the highest standards.

Musical Equipment Manufacturing

Time is money and CNC routers not only produce high quality precision and flexibility, it is all done at a super speed.  Fretwork, inlays, body and neck carving: all can be made with the precision and speed of CNC cutting Perth. This will free you up so you can concentrate on the finer details that make your instruments really one-of-a-kind.


Gone are the days of diligently hand-carved prototypes, or having to wait for a costly custom-milled component to get here only to have to wait all over again every time you make a little adjustment or tweak. CNC router Perth can churn out fully functioning prototypes in your hands in as little as a few minutes.

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