5 Household Items You Might Not Know Should Be Recycled

Recycling has thankfully become a part of daily life for many Australians. Most of us know that paper and glass can be recycled as well as some metals and plastics. This has been embedded into our culture and, for the most part, we recycle them really well. However, many people don’t realise that the recycling industry has changed as the years have gone on and developed along with the times. These days it is more than possible to recycle materials that don’t quite fit into these four groups. When thinking about rubbish removal in Perth here are 5 materials that you should consider recycling instead of throwing away.

Coffee Pods

A coffee pod takes around 150 to 500 to deteriorate so they built up quite a name for themselves as an environmental hazard. These days, coffee companies collect o;d pods and use the aluminium in them to create new products. However, it’s important to remember that you need to clean any residual contaminants before recycling.

Aerosol Cans

Lots of people aren’t sure whether aerosol cans are recyclable but it is essential to recycle these cans as the aluminium and steel in these cans are able to be recycled repeatedly without any adverse effects. New cans made from recycled material require 25% less energy to produce so it’s definitely something you should be recycling.


By using a skip bin hire in Perth you’re able to recycle many items like floor or roof tiles. Skip bin companies don’t just take these products to landfill. Many companies will take them to processing plants where they will be crushed and then used to create alternative products. Another great option that is available if you only have a few tiles  is to upcycle them yourself. They can be used to help drainage in the bottom of flower pots or to delineate flowerbeds.

Soft Plastics

Though many soft plastics can’t be recycled the usual way (as most council facilities don’t have the necessary facilities) this doesn’t mean they can’t be recycled at all. From plastic bags to bubble wrap, soft plastics are collected at stores like Coles and Woolworths throughout the country. So look for the RedCycle drop-off bins for your soft plastics.


A lot of wasted space in landfills is taken up with mattresses that should be recycled. Many local councils will collect mattresses for recycling or alternatively, you could use a skip bin company that specialises in rubbish removal in Perth.

Coastal Waste is a skip bin hire company that deals with waste removal in Perth. They are completely committed to recycling and environmental sustainability with their zero waste philosophy. From unwanted furniture removal to construction site clean ups, they will take all your waste to their special recycling facilities where they will maximise the number of resources extracted thus minimising the waste that will end up in our landfills. For a rubbish removal company that is efficient and cares about the environment there is no better choice than Coastal Waste. Check out their website here.