3 Hair Hacks for Longer Lasting Extensions

Thanks to celebrities like Kylie Jenner and Kim Kardashian, hair extensions are all the rage. At one point, good quality hair extensions were out of reach for the everyday folk, but now everyone can enjoy longer, fuller luscious locks or change the style and colour of your hair quickly and simply. With tape in hair extensions or clip in human hair extensions, the looks are endless.

However along with everything else, you do need to take care of your hair extensions and undertake some routine maintenance work. Too many people are confused with how to look after their hair extensions and end up with a tangled, damaged mess. However I am here to help!

With hair extensions in Perth becoming ever popular, I have listed some of the best, quickest and easiest hair hacks to preserve your hair extensions for longer.

Brush your hair!

One of the most common mistakes is forgetting to treat your hair extensions like you would your normal hair. Brush your hair frequently to keep it in tip-top condition using a human hair extension Perth brush. You can pick these up at any place selling hair extensions Perth and will pull out less hair than your normal hair brush or comb.

Use the right products

Use the best quality hair care products such as specific shampoos and conditioners. Also when straightening, curling or applying any heat to your hair extensions, make sure you use a heat protective spray first. This is not only good practice for your own hair, but an absolute essential if you want to make your hair extensions last longer.

Brush before you sleep

Did you know, they way you sleep can also effect the longevity of your hair extensions? Your hair can become tangled up very quickly so the best thing to do is to brush your hair before you go to sleep and tie it in a loose plait, secure it in a bun or pony tail. Another top tip is to sleep on a silk pillow case to avoid damaging your extensions.

One last top tips is to buy the best quality human hair extensions Perth. Search hair extensions near me and you will find many different places and there are plenty of online stores that will offer super cheap prices, but these hair extensions often lack in quality and won’t last long enough. Instead you want to invest in good quality hair extensions that will stand the test of time and provide good value for money.

For that, I recommend Queen Bee for the best hair extensions Perth.

They have a full range of hair extensions Perth including clip in, tape and weave hair extension Perth. Here, you’ll also find all the hair care accessories you will need and when you make use of my top tips, you’ll have the best hair in town all year round!